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Norfolk Aeromodelers now fly in Chesapeake VA

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Willis Swindell (left) and Bob Palmer (right)
at Brodak 2001.

Above: Willis was able to meet the famous Bob Palmer during the Brodak 2001 fly-in. Bob designed the Veco Thunderbird among other C/L aircraft. "Hey Willis, did you get me an autograph?!"


My son, Mike, with my new RC Spitfire at this years Wildhorse Warbird Fly-in.  It was a great turnout and there were lots of great looking planes.


This young man was at a contest and needed a plane. Mike Garmon just gave him one of his airplanes and the kid got to take home a trophy as well as a new plane that day. That's what this hobby is all about!  To learn more about Mike Garmon.....
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Another great picture of Dick Bridges! (circa 1952)

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