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Friends Remembered

Norfolk Aeromodelers now fly in Chesapeake VA

POSTED 7/29/2001

Mike Garmon, passed away July 21, 2001. We served in the navy together in Fighter Squadron 43 in the late 80's. It is because of him that I was introduced to the Norfolk Aeromodelers. He made great contributions to Control-Line modeling and will be missed by all who knew him.

Mark Schneier


Mike Garmon at Brodak 2001. He took 1st place in advanced stunt. This was the last photo of him.

POSTED 7/10/2001

A sad note:

Mark Barrows passed away in June 2001 from a heart attack. Mark was a dedicated Norfolk Aeromodeler for over 25 years. Back when Mark was in good health, he used to have all kinds of enthusiasm about flying model airplanes. Once back in the mid 1980's a few of our club members went to a contest in Winston Salem NC to fly Foxberg racing on a Saturday. Mark brought up the idea to stay overnight and fly stunt on Sunday. We told Mark that he needed a full-blown stunt plane to have a chance to get a trophy. Mark stayed and flew stunt on Sunday. Well! He added some elevator throw and tail weight to his Buster and came home with a trophy. We could tell many stories of Mark having fun flying model airplanes. Mark will be missed by all of us that were lucky enough to know him. Attached is a scanned picture from a contest we had back in the late 80's at Fentress.Mark is the one on the left.


Mark Barrows (left) and Gene Daniels (right) launching a combat plane. Mark and Gene were both outstanding combat flyers. Mark was able to fly while laying on his back! Try that sometime. More photos of Mark and other Norfolk Aeromodelers in here---->More Photos

In Memory of:
My Dad, Harvey Schneier
APR 9, 1938 - SEP 8, 2000
My Best Friend,
Harold Fritts
Mr. Ringo
Terri Bull
Bob Harvey
Mark Barrows
Mike Garmon
1947 - 2001


The late, Terry Bull, cuts out wing parts for our club building project.  We built about 30 planes in preparation for a combat match that we sponsered.  See one of the planes "HOTDOGGER" below.  Terry loved control-line and was a great guy who would do anything for you. Go to the "Club Photo Album" page to see a picture of Terry's completed cub he had started just before his death.  Club Photo Album


"Ringo" (left) helps me ready a combat plane during a match. He passed away several years ago. Ringo gave me expert advice numerous times. He was a die-hard silkspan man! Notice the awesome covering job on his orange "Hotdogger" or "Ringo Special".

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